Basic Rules

  1. Teams can have up to four people. Each member of a team must be a student studying at an undergraduate, honour, or postgraduate course at an accredited university; or studying at a recognised TAFE. You cannot have any remote participants.
  2. Teams have 24 hours to build a working prototype of your project. There are no restrictions on what form it should take, programming languages or devices. You must build your project during the allocated time and at the venue.
  3. Your code repository must be publicly accessible. You are free to use whatever code repository service you want (e.g. GitHub or BitBucket).
  4. Teams must not work on existing projects during the event or do any development work before the competition. You are free to conduct research and generate ideas before the competition.
  5. You may use legally licensed material and tools that are freely available to the public. Some examples include: public domain images, Creative Commons music, open source libraries, and existing APIs and platforms.
  6. You agree to follow the Code of Conduct and not act in an inappropriate manner. A copy the Code of Conduct is included at the end of this book.

Failure to comply with the Basic Rules can see you removed from the competition and/or expelled from the venue.